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Anti-inflammatory ginger shots for healthy digestion, bones, skin and immunity.

Made with fresh-pressed ginger root in every ginger shot, giving you the kick you need first thing in the morning

Our Ginger+ shots (previously Ginger Fix) have been reformulated to include even more goodness!

Now packed with 27mg Zinc & 100mg Vitamin C, to give your immunity a boost and aid digestion. Our ginger shots are crammed with fresh ginger root, turmeric root and a hint of honey. 

Every bottle is made fresh, so don’t forget to keep them refrigerated. Minimum 21 days shelf-life from ginger shot delivery.

Click here to find out more about how we make our products fresh, and retain their goodness whilst also having great shelf-life.


  • High in Vitamin C
  • High in Zinc
  • High in Antioxidants
  • One of Your 5 a Day
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Aids Healthy Digestion
  • Healthy Immune System
  • Reduces Tiredness & Fatigue
  • Reduces Nausea & Fatigue
  • Increases Calcium Absorption
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70ml, 70ml x 14, 70ml x 28


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Our Ginger + Ginger Shots ingredients


The science behind the goodness

Ginger is known to support digestive health and relieve nausea and menstrual cycle symptoms. Rich in powerful antioxidants, ginger may also support the immune system and general wellness.

High in Vitamin C. Vitamin C contributes to normal immune and psychological function. Vitamin C also plays an important role in the production of collagen, which is the structural component of skin, tendons and ligaments. Vitamin C helps the normal function of the immune system, and energy-yielding metabolism and reduces tiredness and fatigue. It also protects DNA, proteins and lipids from oxidative stress. It contributes to maintaining the normal function of the immune system during and after intense physical exercise. It also contributes to the regeneration of the reduced form of vitamin E whilst also increasing iron absorption.

Contains Turmeric. Turmeric helps to support healthy joints, digestion and efficacy of the immune system. 

Contains Ginger. Ginger helps to support digestion and aids the body’s natural defences.

Contains Black Pepper. Black pepper helps to aid absorption of several herbs and spices, including turmeric.

Verified by Dietitians.

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What people are saying

I tried this because I love ginger and it was just AWESOME. The taste is just so fresh, clean & gingery & it’s healthy. What more could anyone ask for!

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What people are saying

Found them really tasty. Great thirst quenchers and refreshing at the same time. Nothing on the supermarket shelves come close.

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