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  • Ginger+ - 28 days
  • Sleep - 28 days
  • Turmeric Immunity - 28 days
  • Turmeric Boost - 28 days
  • Recover - 28 days
  • Radiant - 28 days
  • Gut Health Greens - 28 days
  • Gut Health Berries - 28 days
  • Shine - 28 days
  • Perform - 28 days
  • Balanced Greens - 21 days
  • Kale+ - 28 days
  • Lean Greens - 18 days

Per Serving

  • Gut Health Greens 145kcal,
  • Recover 142kcal,
  • Gut Health Berries 110kcal,
  • Shine 73kcal,
  • Perform 61kcal,
  • Balanced Greens 63kcal,
  • Radiant 60kcal,
  • Sleep 48kcal,
  • Turmeric Immunity 38.5kcal,
  • Ginger+35kcal,
  • Lean Greens 33kcal,
  • Turmeric Boost 29.4kcal,
  • Kale+11kcal
  • Gut Health Greens 18.0g,
  • Recover 27g,
  • Gut Health Berries 19.5g,
  • Shine 16.2g,
  • Perform 12g,
  • Balanced Greens 12.3g,
  • Radiant 13g,
  • Sleep 8.5g,
  • Turmeric Immunity 4.8g,
  • Ginger+ 6g,
  • Lean Greens 4.3g,
  • Turmeric Boost 3.7g,
  • Kale+ 0.4g

All of our products are suitable for vegans, except for our Ginger+, Sleep & Recover which contains honey!

We can deliver our juices to anywhere in mainland UK (excluding the Channel Islands, Isle of Man, Scottish Isles, Scottish Highlands, Northern Ireland, Dublin and Eire). Deliveries to Scotland can take up to two working days, for more information on Scotland deliveries please click here.

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We asked Sports Nutritionist Matthew Jones to answer this question, here’s what he advises.

“Relative to all of the other available smoothie and fruit juice options the B.Fresh are a much better choice. The lower energy density (kcal), sugar content and higher fibre content will result in a much smaller increase in blood glucose and insulin. The shots and multi ingredient fruit and vegetable options are certainly valuable additions to the diet of a diabetic. I would suggest avoiding the juices (apple and orange) as the sugar content and glycemic index is slightly higher.”

Nutritionist Matt Jones says:

It is advised that you avoid consumption of unpasteurized juice while pregnant as it may contain harmful bacteria that could lead to food poisoning, which can be particularly dangerous while pregnant. Thankfully at B.Fresh we utilise High Pressure Processing (HPP), which is a novel, non-thermal food and beverage preservation method that guarantees food safety while also extending shelf life and maintaining maximal nutritional properties of the product. We would recommend the juices that are not fortified with additional vitamins such as apple juice, Force Field, Green Warrior, Happy Greens, Power Beets, Get up & Glow and Strawberry Shines. Vitamin D supplementation is also recommended during pregnancy so Turmeric Immunity may also be included. 

It depends on what health benefits you are looking for! Force Field is low in natural sugars and is loaded with antioxidants to support healthy cholesterol, cardiovascular, immune and brain health. Strawberry Shines is a much sweeter juice and is high in Vitamin A & C so helps to support healthy vision, as well as healthy skin. Our Berry Boss & Green Guru smoothies contain active cultures, which are great for gut health! Each juice on our website has a list of the health benefits they may give you, so have a look through and find which one would work for you!

Cold-pressed juice is arguably a lot better for you than other pasteurised juices. Vitamins & nutrients don’t fare well with heat, so the cold-press process helps to keep higher levels of goodness in our juices than you’d find in pasteurised juices, cold-pressed juice also gives a ton of health benefits such as improved digestion, healthy weight loss and more. Read more about the benefits of cold-pressed juice here

We do not advise freezing our juices. As the bottles are HPP’d, they have a naturally extended shelf-life, meaning fresher juice for longer! Read more about the benefits High-Pressure Processing here

We use high pressure processing to keep our drinks fresh and free from nasties – this means we can’t use glass bottles as they would shatter under the pressure. However, our bottles are all BPA free and fully recyclable!

Just log in to your account and change your options manually, or email us at hello@b-fresh.co.uk and we can do it for you. Handy for when you are going on holiday and need a little pause, or if you change your mind on which juices you prefer.

We recommend our juices as part of balanced diet as opposed to a specific juicing cleanse. So although the juices are no different to any of the juice detox programs on offer we are hesitant in recommending a certain amount of juice per day. We believe in eating a healthily balanced diet but respect that everyone’s health and fitness journey is a personal one.

Our bodies are busy detoxing all day every day, and so a balanced diet avoiding processed foods, caffeine, alcohol, white carbs but with plenty of fresh vegetables and fruit would be ideal. Our juices are a convenient way to add to your recommended five a day, or as a healthy snack alternative to ensure you’re getting further nutrients and vitamins. Do make sure you drink plenty of water too.

We aren’t organic farmers, but growing responsibly is critical for both consumption and environment and we take this very seriously. We grow as much of the produce that seasonality and climate will allow here in Shropshire. Produce quality is really important to us so we have an own-grown known-grown policy which means that if we cannot grow the produce, we know who does.

Our juices are sent out with frozen gel packs and insulation to keep them cool. We endeavour to get them to you within 24 hours of dispatch. All of our products have been subject to rigorous temperature abuse trials and are perfectly safe to be left unrefrigerated for a couple of days. If your juice feels warm, we recommend popping them straight into the fridge to chill them back down before consumption. This will ensure they taste their very best! Remember to give them a shake – separation is natural! – and once opened keep refrigerated and consume within 24 hours.

As our juices are not pasteurised but instead High Pressure Processed they should have at least 28 days shelf life. Just pop them into the fridge to keep them cool and once opened consume within 24 hours.


All of our products are freshly pressed here in our Shropshire juicery, meaning they’re just as fresh and delicious as if you