Gut Health Greens

B.fresh Gut Health Smoothie Berries 250ml - cold pressed fresh berry smoothie
B.fresh Gut Health Smoothie Berries 250ml - cold pressed fresh berry smoothie
Gut Health Greens
Gut Health Greens

Gut Health Greens

The gut health greens smoothie: packed with beneficial bacteria, prebiotics & phytonutrients for an incredibly grateful gut.

  • Powerful combination of fresh greens, probiotics & chicory root prebiotic.
  • Plant derived phytonutrients to feed & protect beneficial bacteria and allow them to flourish
  • Take daily for a happy gut or as a simple vitamin boost.
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    Matt Jones

    Premier League Nutritioinst

    Cold-Pressed & Functional Nutrition

    Apple - Spinach - Pea - Avocado - Lemon - Cucumber - Chicory Root - Probiotics

    Apple 56%, Spinach 20%, Pea 10%, Avocado 4%, Lemon 4%, Cucumber 3%, Chicory Root 3%, BACILLUS COAGULANS GBI-30,6086

    Per 250ml

    Energy 613kJ 145kcal, Fat 2.0g, of which saturates 0.3g, Carbohydrate 28g, of which sugars** 18.0g, Fibre 8.0g, Protein 3.0g, Salt 0.00g, Vitamin A 177µg,
    22.1% RI*, Vitamin C 189mg 236.3% RI* ,Vitamin K 100mg, 133.3% RI*, Potassium 447.5mg 22.4% RI*

    *%RI = Reference intake of an average adult, (8400kJ / 2000kcal)
    **Naturally occurring sugars.

    The B.fresh process allows us to keep our juices fresh and full of nutrients whilst also getting rid of any nasty bacteria. This gives our juices a minimum shelf life of 28 days from when they arrive with you – that’s 3 weeks of cold-pressed goodness!

    Keep refrigerated at 0 – 5°C –
    Best served chilled.
    Once opened consume within 48 hours.

    Grown By Us

    We grow our own greens on our
    farm in Shropshire. Where we press every bottle.

    Multi Award Winning

    We've won gold in the Nourish awards for 2021, 22 & 23!

    The Most Trusted Juice

    Rated excellent on TrustPilot.

    Used by Pros

    Trusted by Premier League football clubs, GB Athletes, Sports Scientists
    & more

    Every probiotic smoothie is made fresh, so don’t forget to keep them refrigerated. Minimum 28 days shelf-life from delivery.

    The Science Behind Our Green Prebiotic & Probiotic Smoothie


    Probiotic smoothies are good for you as they help to maintain a healthy level of good bacteria within the body. Good bacteria helps you stay healthy by supporting the immune system function and managing inflammation. Good bacteria found in probiotic smoothies can help you digest food, create vitamins and keep bad bacteria levels controlled. 

    Probiotic smoothies are made of good bacteria that naturally live in your body. We have 2 types of bacteria that live inside us, good and bad, and consuming probiotic smoothies increases the good bacteria level, helping to eliminate excess bad bacteria, returning the balance. 

    Probiotic green smoothies are smoothies packed full of green fruits andvegetablessuch as spinach, peas, cucumber and apple which are high in fibre and provide vital vitamins. Probiotic green smoothies also contain active bacteria Bacillus Coagulans, a good bacteria required to support gut health.

    Prebiotic drinks are drinks that contain prebiotic ingredients such as greens, chicory root and apples.Prebioticsare anon-digestible ingredient that promotes the growth of good microorganisms in the intestines to support digestive health. 

    Prebiotic smoothies have several health benefits, predominantly related to gut health. Prebiotics feed the good bacteria in your gut, allowing your gut bacteriato produce nutrients required for a healthy digestive system. Some of these nutrients include fatty acids such as propionate, butyrate and acetate.

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