Taster Pack

B.fresh bundle of cold-pressed juices, smoothies & shots
Taster Pack
Taster Pack
Taster Pack
Taster Pack
Taster Pack
Taster Pack
Taster Pack
Taster Pack
Taster Pack
Taster Pack
Taster Pack
Taster Pack
Taster Pack

Taster Pack

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Let nature boost your health this Autumn with our award-winning range of cold-pressed juices, smoothies & shots. Top rated on TrustPilot, made on our farm, using our own grown greens.

  • Lean Greens 250ml X 1
  • Balanced Greens 250ml X 1
  • Perform 250ml X 1
  • Recover 250ml x 1
  • Radiant 250ml X 1
  • Shine 250ml X 1
  • Gut Health Berries 250ml X 1
  • Gut Health Greens 250ml X 1
  • Ginger + 70ml X 1
  • Sleep Shot 70ml x 1
  • Turmeric Boost 70ml X 1
  • Turmeric Immunity 70ml X 1
  • Kale + 70ml X 1
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Matt Jones

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  • Gut Health Greens 145kcal,
  • Recover 142kcal,
  • Gut Health Berries 110kcal,
  • Shine 73kcal,
  • Perform 61kcal,
  • Balanced Greens 63kcal,
  • Radiant 60kcal,
  • Sleep 48kcal,
  • Turmeric Immunity 38.5kcal,
  • Ginger+35kcal,
  • Lean Greens 33kcal,
  • Turmeric Boost 29.4kcal,
  • Kale+11kcal

Most of our products are suitable for vegans, except for our Ginger+, Sleep & Recover which contain honey.

We never add sugar to our juices, but natural sugar levels vary depending on the ingredients. 

  • Kale+0.4g
  • Turmeric Boost 3.6g
  • Lean Greens 4.3g
  • Turmeric Immunity 4.8g
  • Ginger+6g
  • Sleep 8.5g
  • Perform 12g
  • Balanced Greens 12.6g
  • Radiant 13g
  • Shine 16.2g,
  • Gut Health Greens 18.0g
  • Gut Health Berries 19.5g
  • Recover 27g.

As our juices are not pasteurised but instead High Pressure Processed they will have a minimum of 28 days shelf life (Balanced Greens & Kale+ 21 days, Lean Greens 18 days). Just pop them into the fridge to keep them cool and once opened consume within 48 hours.

Cold-pressed juice is arguably a lot better for you than other pasteurised juices. Vitamins & nutrients don’t fare well with heat, so the cold-press process helps to keep higher levels of goodness in our juices than you’d find in pasteurised juices, cold-pressed juice also gives a ton of health benefits such as improved digestion, healthy weight loss and more. 

B.fresh full range of cold-pressed juices, smoothies & shots

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