Happy Brain & Heart

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Basically… this bundle is full of natural fuel for your brain and heart.

This bundle is high in Vitamin C and folate, both needed to make certain neurotransmitters, the signals that carry thoughts, feelings and commands around the brain and throughout the nervous system. Vitamin C is needed to produce serotonin, an important hormone to help regulate our nervous and endocrine system. It plays a key role in mood and sleep. Optimal levels of folate can lower homocysteine levels, which is a key marker for cardiovascular disease. Phystosterols in romaine lettuce can also help to regulate cholesterol levels.


  • Kale + 70ml X 7
  • Rocket + 70ml X 7
  • Force Field 250ml X 4
  • Green Guru 250ml X 3
  • Green Warrior 250ml X 3
  • Power Beets 250ml X 4
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What people are saying

Bought for my fiancée, she really loves them. So much so made another purchase this week, including some of the juices. Thank you B.fresh!

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What people are saying

I absolutely LOVE these juices and as a nutritional therapist I can tell they are thought through to really support ones health, energy, immunity and microbiome variety.

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