Why Drink Green Juice?

Green juice is arguably one of the biggest health trends of the last decade. Influencers, celebrities and wellness bloggers are all drinking, and talking about, green juice!

We like to see ourselves as green juice connoisseurs here at B.fresh and love talking about all of the health benefits it can bring. So, here are a few benefits of green juice and some B.fresh recommendations…

Reduces Inflammation

Research suggests that consuming leafy green vegetables may help to reduce inflammation over time. It will help your body perform better by keeping the vital organs function optimal and in turn keep you feeling healthy.

Improves Digestion

Your gut affects nearly every aspect of your health, including your skin and mental health. That’s why it’s important to take steps to support your gut health, and drinking green juice is one of them. Green juices contain digestive enzymes and sometimes even probiotics to boost your gut health.

Our Super Smoothie Gut Health Greens is packed with fibre and contains live and active bacteria Bacillus Coagulans to support the gut. It’s also high in vitamins K & C, and is a source of potassium!

Builds Immunity

Did you know that spinach and kale are sources of Vitamin C which can help boost immunity? Green juice is the perfect way to build up your immune system because they are packed full of vitamins and nutrients.

Enhances Detoxification

Your body is constantly exposed to toxins, from food to the air you breathe. All of these toxins can put a strain on your liver, but green juice has been found to support healthy liver function and enhance detoxification. By consuming green juice regularly, you can give your liver a fighting chance against all of the toxins you’re exposed to on a daily basis!

Boosts Hydration

Instead of reaching for a cup of tea or coffee in the morning, it’s way better to opt for a glass of green juice. It will help flush out your systems and also hydrate with a good number of electrolytes.

Do you find our green juices too strong to drink alone? Try watering them down! It’s a great way to make them last longer, easier to drink and boost water intake.

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