Turmeric is known for its vast number of benefits, but how does turmeric directly help athletes' performance and recovery?

Inflammation occurs when the body sends inflammatory cells to an area of the body that needs healing. Inflammation symptoms are often pain or tenderness, swelling and flushed skin. This is necessary in cases such as getting a cut or a sudden injury, however prolonged inflammation can have negative effects.

In athletes, the repetitive nature of training, which repeatedly “damages” the muscles can cause excessive inflammation which can release free radicals. Free radicals are bad as they can damage muscles which hinder recovery, causes pain, and can increase the likelihood of an injury.

Turmeric can help athletes as curcumin, the anti-inflammatory component in turmeric can help to control this inflammation. This means reduced inflammation and quicker recovery times. This helps performance as athletes can train at a higher intensity more consistently.

This study showed that ‘The antioxidant curcumin is able to counteract the two leading causes of muscle damage, oxidative stress and inflammation, as it interacts with multiple inflammatory pathways.’ The study found that ‘curcuminoids reduce muscle damage and improve muscle soreness in healthy young subjects following a bout of muscle-damaging exercise.’ This shows that taking curcumin helps recovery.


We conducted a case study of our own and put our local football team Shrewsbury Town FC on a 2 week course of our Turmeric Boost Shots (1 a day). Here's the findings...

  • 82% of the players noticed a difference in their energy / endurance levels after taking the Turmeric Energy Shots.
  • 82% of Shrewsbury town players noticed a difference in their recovery time after a workout or training session.
  • 76% of players noticed a difference in their overall health from taking the Turmeric shots after just 2 weeks.

Here at B.fresh, we recommend incorporating our turmeric shots into your daily routine. We're proud that ours contain the highest amount of fresh raw turmeric root on the UK market, with 49g of fresh turmeric resulting in 1550mg of curcumin per 70ml bottle. Taking a daily turmeric shot will deliver the best and most consistent results.

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