Top Tips to Keep your Kids Healthy

Getting your kids to adopt a healthy lifestyle can be difficult task. They need a balanced diet and plenty of vitamins & nutrients to grow up healthy and strong! Easier said than done though, right? Here are some easy tips to keep your kids healthy all year round.

1- Stay Hydrated

The human body is made up of 60-80% water and according to an article by Kumon (2012), children are at higher risk of becoming dehydrated due to their less effective perspiring process and as they produce a lot more heat during physical exertion. Being hydrated is linked with energy levels and endurance so to ensure our children are getting the most out of every day, staying hydrated is key! Children can often find drinking water difficult due to the lack of flavour, so why not try a B.fresh cold-pressed juice instead?!

2- Getting in Essential Vitamins & Nutrients

Growing children who may not have a balanced diet will not be getting the necessary vitamins and nutrients in order to develop properly. If you have fussy eaters it may be hard to get key vitamins into their meals, this is where our juices come in. Shine is packed with Vitamin A to support skin and eye health and Radiant has Vitamin C to support a healthy immune system. Our juices are packed with natural vitamins and minerals to aid your little ones growing bodies!

3- Pre & Probiotics

Pre & probiotics are an easy addition to your child’s daily routine to boost their gut health, which in turn impacts their digestion, immune health, skin health & mental wellbeing. With 70% of our immune system being located in the gut, you can support your child’s health with pre & probiotics. Our Super Smoothies contain both pre & probiotics which can help aid healthy digestion as well as being packed with fibre, Vitamin A and Vitamin C!

We have created a selection of juices that is perfect for keeping the whole family healthy, meet the Family Favourites bundle!

This bundle will make keeping your kids healthy and hydrated even easier and the 250ml bottles are perfect for adding to lunch boxes. B.fresh juices are special because they’re cold-pressed from fresh whole ingredients grown here on our farm, they have no preservatives and are never pasteurised so retain a lot more goodness. They’re also made with added veg so contain less sugar but are just as tasty.

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