Perform VS Pre-workout

Over recent years, the popularity of pre-workout use has only grown. It is used prior to a session of exercise, primarily weight lifting, to increase energy so that you are able to lift more and for longer. At B.fresh we have developed a beetroot juice, ‘Perform’, which possesses some of the same benefits as pre-workout but with out the nasty side effects you want to avoid.

What is in Perform?

The ‘Perform’ cold pressed juice is made up of 95% Beetroot and 5% Lemon, pressed in our on farm juicery to create this natural performance enhancer.

What are the benefits of drinking Perform?

  • Perform is naturally rich in dietary nitrates (300mg) to boost nitric oxide production
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Improves blood flow and endurance
  • Provides a source of potassium to contribute towards helping the heart muscles to work properly
  • Provides a source of iron which is important in red blood cell production to carry oxygen around the body
  • Provides a source of magnesium to help turn food into energy to power workouts
  • Provides a source of zinc which helps with processing carbohydrate in food to boost energy

What is in pre-workout?

Typically, pre-workout supplements include the same few ingredients no matter the brand. These include:

  • Caffeine to provide energy for a workout
  • BCAAs to help muscle growth, repair and performance
  • Beta-Alanine helps with resisting the burning feeling when working out to push through to complete more reps
  • L-citrulline boosts nitric-oxide levels can help to dilate your blood vessels to get more oxygen to your muscles
  • Creatine is usually added to help gain muscle, enhance strength and improve performance

What are the benefits of taking pre-workout?

  • Helps to improve endurance to complete more reps
  • Helps to gain muscle
  • Boosts nitric-oxide levels which can help dilate blood vessels and get more oxygen to your muscles

What are the differences between Perform and pre-workout?


Pre workout

Naturally improves blood flow to improve performance

Added caffeine to provide energy for a workout

Provides 1 of your 5 a day

Made using artificial, lab modified ingredients

No added sugar

Added sugars and artificial sweeteners

No added flavourings

Artificial flavourings to help with taste

Caffeine free

Caffeine can lead to anxiety, headaches and insomnia, energy crashes

Unlikely to result in side effects

Could trigger mild reactions such as itchy skin and tingling hands and feet


Why should I switch my pre-workout for Perform?

To conclude, it is obvious that pre-workout has been beneficial for weight lifters in accompanying their workouts, helping to augment their muscle growth. However, pre-workouts are full with ingredients that have been modified in a lab which we can in fact find within whole foods, such as meat, dairy and legumes. Perform, on the other hand, offers a natural alternative to boost endurance for exercise without the added sugars, unnatural ingredients, and caffeine that could result in energy crashes later on and headaches. All in all, ditch those energy crashes and nasty side effects, WHILST getting 1 of your 5 a day and avoiding artificial ingredients. 

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