How To Start a Healthy Morning Routine

Almost 9 out of 10 people reported that they have a morning routine, whilst what people considered a morning routine varied greatly. The idea of a productive morning routine has been popular on the internet for over a decade. Thanks to the pandemic, the internet became inundated with people sharing their morning routines and striving to have a productive morning in order to gain e-gratification from others.

What is a healthy morning routine?

A routine is defined as being ‘a sequence of actions regularly followed’. Thus, a healthy morning can be interpreted as practices regularly followed which collectively work to improve one’s health. A morning routine is the groundworks to one’s day and sets the pace for the day to come. In other words, a healthy and productive morning routine increases the likelihood of having a healthy and productive rest of the day.

What are the benefits of a healthy morning routine?

Implementing a healthy morning routine into your life has been shown to result in various benefits such as increased productivity, lowering stress levels and boosting energy levels. Research has found that highly productive people were more likely to have a morning routine and many CEOs swear by their morning routine and believe that it has somewhat contributed to their success. By implementing certain healthy, productive components into your morning routine, it allows you to maximise and dedicate time towards progressing towards your goals.

What can you do to start a healthy morning routine?

Research has shown that certain aspects of a morning routine are more influential than others.

  1. Wake up at the same time each day!

Waking up at the same time each day allows your body clock to get accustomed to your sleep schedule leaving you feeling more rested as opposed to if you wake at different times each day. Therefore, by feeling better rested, it allows for a more productive day and more energy to exercise. Additionally, feeling less tired results in less lower moods and less chance of feeling run down or getting ill.

  1. Don’t reach for your phone straight away

Research has shown that around 63% of people check their phones immediately after waking up. In turn, it has been shown that mobile phone usage early in the mornings can increase stress levels and reduce attention levels. Therefore, rather than reaching for your mobile phone as soon as the alarm goes off, swap the habit for a healthier habit such as yoga, meditation, reading a book or listening to a podcast.

  1. Don’t drink coffee

Coffee is renowned for increasing anxiety, becoming an addictive if consumed frequently, and leading to a caffeine induced energy crash later in the day. The majority of people say that coffee is the most important part of their morning routine, however, swapping a morning coffee out is an easy way to make your morning routine healthier. Instead, a glass of cold water is a natural way to wake yourself up, and H2O in the morning has been found to enhance mood and cognitive performance, leading to a more productive day. Alternatively, Ginger shots are a great way to start your day as they are a natural energy boost that have been shown to reduce fatigue and assist in supporting immunity.

  1. Move your body

Set aside 30 minutes out of your morning routine to dedicate time to moving your body. Studies have found that amongst people who experienced job satisfaction, felt that they were productive, and considered their house to be clean, they cited that exercise was the most important factor of their morning routine. Consequently, exercise in the morning has been shown to make one feel more awake and energised, and improve concentration, therefore increasing productivity and putting one in good stead for the rest of the day. Thus, finding 30 minutes to go on a walk, run, or practice yoga is a productive component to add to your morning routine to help to set you up for the day.

  1. Eat breakfast!

Around 20% of Brits skip breakfast on the daily. This habit can be detrimental and counterproductive to one’s health. Skipping breakfast has been found to impair cognitive functioning and cause a drop in blood sugar levels which can result in headaches and migraines. Therefore, it is imperative to consume a balanced breakfast in a morning in order to prevent blood sugars and energy levels from dropping, and to fuel you for the day.

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