How to Aid Your Workout Recovery

It’s the day after a great workout. Your body aches and you have trouble walking. This is your body telling you that it’s time to rest and recover. There are ways to ease the pain from an intense workout, here’s how to speed up your recovery!

Stay Hydrated

Hydrating after a workout is key to recovery. Drinking water after a tough workout can help rid your body of toxins and prevent dehydration. This is important because dehydrated muscles can quickly become painful muscles.

Get Some Sleep

While the exact relationship between sleep and exercise is still unclear, research suggests that sleep deprivation can have a significant negative effect on performance and recovery.

Eat an Overall Balanced Diet

Eating an overall healthy diet can ensure that you don’t develop any nutrient deficiencies that may impair your muscles’ ability to recover. As a general rule this means eating plenty of fruits and vegetables and reducing the amount of processed foods in your diet.

Try Anti-Inflammatories

Products with anti-inflammatory properties can speed muscle recovery and reduce soreness, at least in the short term. Try our Turmeric Boost shot for a super shot of B12 and turmeric to boost energy and cognitive function.

Treat Yourself to a Massage

Getting a massage helps break up scar tissue and ease muscle pain. It also helps to increase blood flow which speeds up the recovery process. The increase in circulation also helps to reduce the feeling of fatigue that follows a tough workout.

By trying some of these tips, you can provide your body with the tools it needs to recover. The sooner you recover, the sooner you can continue to achieve your fitness goals!

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