Our Green Juices Explained

B.fresh History

You’ll have seen green juice appearing more and more in recent years, from your big supermarkets, edgy cafes and even now local gyms. Green juice is actually a massive part of B.fresh’s history and even founding. The green juice rise in the American market 8 years ago and our founder's farming expertise were the initial inspiration to set up a juicery of our own.

Why is green juice so popular?

Well that’s easy, it’s due to the health benefits of the produce used combined with the ease of consuming it in a drink form. Regular usage of green juice is known to have health benefits such as improved gut health, reducing inflammation, strengthening your immune system, hydrating your skin and boosting energy levels.

What’s the difference between our green juices?

Let’s run through these in order of intensity – from sweetest to leanest.

Balanced Greens – B.fresh’s balanced green juice to detoxify and protect your body from oxidative stress. This juice is also a source of manganese - a trace mineral, which your body needs in small amounts for normal functioning of the brain. This green juice is ideal for someone on a trajectory to the leanest green juice we offer or find that sitting in between the sweetest and most intense is the perfect place for them.

Lean Greens – This is our leanest and greenest juice packed with 7 different types of plants and made with 91% green vegetables. This hardcore green juice is a force to be reckoned with and it contains the least amount of natural sugar of all our juices. As well as only being 33 calories Force Field is also high in vitamin K - a powerful group of minerals which contribute to good bone and blood health. It’s no wonder it consistently takes the top spot as our monthly best seller.

Why B.fresh?

Here at B.fresh we’re proud of our farming heritage and that we are the only British cold pressed juice brand who grow and press our own greens. This means produce such as spinach, kale and lettuce has been grown, picked, pressed and packaged by us in the juicery located at the farm.

Cold Pressed!!! - The best known juicing process for locking in produce's vitamins and minerals therefore sustaining a nutritionally high end-product. Keep an eye out for heat pasteurised juices and smoothies.. nutrients don’t handle the heat well and the most important vitamins we consume such as Vitamin C can lose 1/3rd of it’s nutritional value.

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