Cold Pressed Vs Regular Juice

What is the difference between Cold Pressed Juice and Regular Juice?

At B.fresh we cold press fruit and veg to extract it's juice and high pressure process the juice to ensure as many nutrients as possible are retained. We do all of this whilst also thinking sustainably, using wonky fruit and veg, using recyclable packaging and reusing the excess pulp back on our fields.

Our juices, shots and smoothies are all high pressure processed with 6000 bars of pressure, that’s 5 times the pressure of the deepest part of the ocean! What’s particularly special about the High-Pressure Processing (HPP), is that more nutrients, 96% to be exact, can be preserved, meaning that the juices are healthier for you than heat pasteurised juices.

Still, people don’t truly understand the difference between the two processes and therefore underestimate the health benefits that can be experienced. Read on to learn more about what makes cold pressed juice so unique and superior!

Regular Juice

What is it?

The majority of the juice found on supermarket shelves has not been cold-pressed and typically undergoes heat pasteurisation in order to make it safe to drink.

How is it produced?

Centrifugal juicers use a spinning blade to shred fruit and veg into a pulp. The pulp is then separated from the juice through being pressed through a mesh screen.

What are the end results?

  • Loss of important enzymes and vitamins
  • Oxidation leads to foam and lower quality of juice
  • Can’t be stored and needs to be consumed soon after produced


Cold Pressed Juice

What is it?

Cold-pressed juice is a slower process which results in a fresher and higher quality juice.

How is it produced?

Fruit and vegetables are slowly crushed and strained to separate the juice form the pulp. Due to it being a slow process, minimal heat is involved, hence the term ‘cold-pressed juice’.

What are the end results?

  • Higher yield from fruit and vegetables
  • Nutrients and antioxidants are better preserved
  • Higher quality juice, fresher and a better flavour
  • Fresher juice for longer with an increased shelf life


What are the benefits of cold pressed juice compared to regular juice?

Lets explore some of the benefits that cold-pressed juice have over centrifugal processed juices.

  1. Higher Nutritional Content

More of the fruit and vegetables nutrients and enzymes are preserved through cold pressed processing than centrifugal juicing. This is due to the slower process which generates less heat, resulting in higher levels of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, suggesting they are better for your body than regular juices.

  1. Preservation of Nutrients

Following on, the cold pressed process preserves more nutrients and enzymes than regular juice due to the process involving less heat and oxidation

  1. Better taste, quality and freshness

As the process involves zero heat extraction, cold-pressed juices maintain a fresher taste for longer. They also have a better, richer taste due to the process generating a higher yield of juice from the fruit and veg.

  1. Longer shelf life

The lack of heat pasteurisation in the cold-pressed process and the use of high-pressure processing instead, extends the shelf life because the juice remains fresher for longer. That means, here at B.fresh we can offer a minimum shelf life of 28 days on almost all of our juices!

  1. No additives

As previously mentioned, the fresher and higher quality taste doesn’t call for the need to add sweeteners to improve taste. Along with the preservation of important nutrients and enzymes, the lack of additives implies that cold -pressed juices are healthier for you.

  1. Minimal oxidation

Minimal oxidation occurs during cold pressing, meaning that the juice retains more of its natural nutrients compared to if a centrifugal process was used.

  1. Enhanced enzyme content

Important enzymes are protected during cold-pressing by steering clear of heat, which can lead to the break down of these proteins. It has been suggested that digestive health can be improved through the natural enzymes found in cold pressed juice and the enzymes can help to ensure the body absorbs the highest potential of nutrients from the juices.

  1. Higher price, higher quality

Regular juices are typically more affordable and are therefore a more accessible option, reflecting why they generally are more popular amongst the population, especially as some may not understand the differences in comparison to cold pressed juices. Cold pressed juices tend to be more costly which reflects the higher quality, more nutritious and fresher product.

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