Cold-Pressed Juice for Weight Management: How It Fits into Your Diet Plan

It is important to ensure that we do what we can to maintain a healthy weight and look after ourselves in order to prevent the onset of various health conditions. However, many people experience difficulty with and worries around weight management, and seek to find alternate ways to assist them.

This article will demonstrate the benefits that introducing cold pressed juices into your lifestyle can bring to you.

Why is weight management important?

According to the NHS, managing your weight in order to prevent obesity or becoming overweight, is vital in the prevention of type 2 diabetes, heart disease and cancers, to name a few. Although it is evident how vital managing one’s weight is, many find it difficult, having had many unsuccessful attempts, they become deflated and maintain their old habits. However, there are now various plans and programmes available to consumers in order to help them reach their goals and optimise their health.

What are cold pressed juices?

Cold pressed juices involve the juicing of fruits and vegetables using a hydraulic press, in order to produce a natural and nutritional juice. By using a hydraulic press in production, the juice is able to hold on to the most nutritional value whilst using as much of the natural ingredient as possible, reducing waste.

Ways to implement cold-pressed juice into your diet plan:

There are many ways in which cold pressed juices can be used to aid in managing weight.

Cold pressed juices are an easy way to ensure that you consume your 5 a day, which is one of the key core health messages, communicated to us from a young age. However, more than two thirds of adults in the UK are not consuming 5 portions of fruit or veg a day. By implementing more fruit and veg into your diet, you can keep fuller for longer by consuming fewer calories than you would by snacking. 

Specific ingredients which can be found in cold pressed juices, have been found to improve gut health and digestion, reduce cravings, and increase metabolism, all of which can contribute to weight loss, alongside a healthier diet and exercise plan.

Beetroot is renowned for improving athletic performance and boosting metabolism, which is beneficial pre-workout in order to improve endurance, so we can work harder and burn more calories, assisting weight loss. B.fresh's Perform is a nutritious and easy way to sneak some beetroot into your diet to give your metabolism a boost!

A source of fibre is important in helping keep us fuller for longer and therefore limiting the amount of extra calories we would consume normally by snacking in between meal times. Fruit and vegetables are calorie dense foods, meaning that they hold a higher amount of nutrients, whilst containing fewer calories. Therefore, consuming juices containing a source of fibre, like Gut Health Greens and Gut Health Berries from B.fresh, can assist in keeping fuller for longer and not reaching for higher calorie snacks, which in turn can lead to weight loss.

There are various programmes and diets which involve cold pressed juices which aim to result in weight loss. Juice cleanses and replacing meals with a juice have become increasingly popular methods used by many to lose weight, by cutting calories whilst not missing out on essential vitamins and nutrients. For example, the B.fresh Slim Down Plan involves replacing breakfast with one of the Force Field juices containing 33 calories, as an easy way to reach a calorie deficit whilst still consuming fruit, veg and vital nutrients. 

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