The Most Powerful Turmeric Shots on the UK Market, 49g of fresh turmeric root.

Together turmeric and curcumin have a number of health benefits:

- Supports Healthy Joints
- Reduces Inflammation of Muscles
- Useful for Treating Arthritis
- Aids Digestion
- Increases the Antioxidant Capacity of the Body
- Aids Recovery After Exercise or Through Injury

Mixed Turmeric Bundle

B.fresh Turmeric shot mixed bundle - Immunity & Boost - 70ml x 6
Mixed Turmeric Bundle
Mixed Turmeric Bundle

Mixed Turmeric Bundle

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Try out the most powerful turmeric shots on the market with our mixed turmeric bundles.

Each little shot is packed with 49g of raw turmeric root and optimised for maximum bioavailability. With added vitamin B12 for an energy boost & D3 for immunity support, these super shots are the perfect addition to your daily routine.

Every bottle is made fresh, so don't forget to keep them refrigerated. Minimum 28 days shelf-life from delivery.

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The history of turmeric

The use of turmeric dates back nearly 4000 years to the Vedic culture in India, where it was used as a culinary spice and had some religious significance. Turmeric also has a long history of medicinal use in South Asia dating back to 250 BC, where it was initially used to relieve the effects of poisoned food. Today, turmeric is renowned for it's anti-inflammatory properties thanks to it's main active compound; curcumin. Curcumin is a very strong anti-oxidant, protecting your body from oxidative stress by controlling the levels of dangerous free radicals we unintentionally consume.

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What people are saying

'Helped me cut down on sugar, more energy and clearer thinking. I also have far less aches and pains, I would definitely recommend the B.fresh Turmeric shots.''

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''On Sunday I ran a half marathon for the first time, and when I got home I took a turmeric immunity shot. I haven’t had any issues since then with my feet, and my muscles recovered far quicker than normal. These are really great for exercise!!''

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Hear From Nutritionist Matt Jones

matt the b.fresh sports nutritionist

How to store...

Step 1. Unpack your shots and keep them refrigerated! Minimum 21 days shelf-life from delivery.

Step 2. Drink and enjoy! Whether this be straight from the bottle, poured into a shot glass or added to water.

Step 3. Recycle! All of our bottles are 100% recyclable and our shot bottles are made of fully recycled materials.  

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