Your 2021 Favourites

Wow, what a year 2021 has been! It’s safe to say it didn’t turn out quite the way we all expected when we were shaking off 2020 - with a 3rd lockdown kicking off the year, new Covid variants throughout and England being devastatingly close to bringing football home. Here at B.fresh we like to look at the positives, we thank all of our loyal customers for your continued support throughout the year and look forward to seeing some familiar names in the new year. To say thank you and as a exclusive offer to those who are reading this - use code: blogreader10 for 10% discount off your next order!

Let’s round off the year together by looking back at your favourites of 2021..

Your Favourite Juice

Ding, ding, ding! We’ve got a winner, it’s our leanest and greenest juice coming out on top… Lean Greens!!

Lean Greens is a juice made with 7 different types of plants and made with 91% green vegetables. This hardcore green juice is a force to be reckoned with. As well as being super low calorie ( 13kcal per 100ml) and naturally low in sugar this juice is high in Vitamin K.  Vitamin K contributes to normal blood clotting, the maintenance of normal bones and helps keep bones healthy. Force Field is also a source of potassium. Potassium contributes to maintenance of normal blood pressure, normal muscle function and the functioning of the nervous system. Try it for yourself here.

Your Favourite Shot

Coming up in 1st place here is… Ginger+!!  (previously known as Ginger Fix)/

As 2021 comes to a close it’s a good time to look back at the new year’s resolutions we set ourselves at the start of the year and if we achieved them. Whether it was waking up before noon at the weekend, becoming a healthier version of yourself (our favourite) or even simply staying in the bathroom whilst you brush your teeth. Here at B.fresh – our new year’s resolution was that we would make our shots even more functional and that’s exactly what we did. Ginger+ now packs 27mg Zinc (270% RI) & 100mg Vitamin C (125% RI). Great for an immunity boost and to help aid digestion. Try it for yourself here.

Your Favourite Bundle

And the winner is… Winter Wellness!!

Quite impressive when you consider this only came out for, you guessed it – winter. This bundle was assembled to provide a natural immunity boost ahead of the cold season whilst also being a great opportunity to try a wide range of our products and saving 20% doing so. Try it for yourself here.

Honourable Mentions

There's no embarrassment in finishing in 2nd place here. Let's take a look at the runners up for each category..

Radiant - Packed with antioxidants for glowing skin and healthy digestion - Try it here.

Turmeric Immunity - Award-winning super shot of D3 and raw turmeric for joint health and immunity - Try it here.

Refresh & Reset - great if you’re feeling sluggish and in need of a bit of a health refresh - Try it here.

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