Liv (@opcfoodlife)



What are your interests?

Photography, interiors and all things food

Which is your favourite B.fresh product and why?

Berry Boss - I absolutely love the fruity flavour and find that it isn't too thick and doesn't feel too heavy on the stomach like many other smoothies.

When do you like to consume your favourite?

With breakfast or mid-morning

How long have you been a B.fresh Ambassador?

4 months :)

Which products benefits suit your needs the most?

Living with ulcerative colitis, I find that Berry Boss works really well for me and the health of my gut and the Ginger+ shot is perfect for me due to it's anti-inflammatory and immunity properties.

Why not try one of Liv's Favourites?

Delicious berry smoothie full of fibre + probiotics and prebiotics.
Berry Boss is a super smoothie packed with fibre and containing live and active bacteria Bacillus Coagulans to support the gut. It’s also high in vitamins C & A, and is a source of potassium. Shop now

Anti-inflammatory for healthy digestion, bones, skin and immunity.
Our Ginger+ shots (previously Ginger Fix) have been reformulated to include even more goodness!

Now packed with 27mg Zinc & 100mg Vitamin C, to give your immunity a boost and aid digestion. Our ginger shots are crammed with fresh ginger root, turmeric root and a hint of honey. Shop now

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