Monthly Favourites

As we say bye-bye to winter, the freezing mornings and getting home from work in the dark. We can finally (hopefully) put the de-icer back in the glove box and welcome the longer days that this new season has to offer. Spring is the season during which the natural world revives and reinvigorates after the colder winter months. Spring is also the season of new beginnings so stay tuned with our Health Hub to see what exciting things we have in store. Before we move on to the next, let's take this time to look back at your favourites from the last full month of winter.

Top 250ml Juice

In first place for this category, we have the most balanced of our three green juices – Balanced Greens. The perfect ‘middle man’ to our leanest and greenest Force Field and our ‘beginner’ green juice Happy Greens.  Green Warrior is a balanced green juice to detoxify and protect your body from oxidative stress. This juice is also a source of manganese – a trace mineral, which your body needs in small amounts for the normal functioning of the brain. This green juice is ideal for someone on a trajectory to the leanest green juice we offer or find that sitting in between the sweetest and most intense is the perfect place for them. Which by looking at February is a lot of you.

Top 500ml Juice

No surprises here it’s Lean Greens– as said above this is our most ‘intense’ and veg-packed product of them all. Containing 7 different types of plants and made with 91% green vegetables. This benefit led green juice was actually our no.1 selling product in February and it’s a 500ml!!.Lean Greens is also incredibly popular amongst our loyal subscribers, who opt into a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly chilled delivery straight to their door. You can save a further 10% by getting a regular delivery, plus consuming this powerful green juice on a regular basis will lead to the most notable health benefits.

Top Shot

The winner is here is our Zinc & Vitamin C packed Ginger+ Shot, to give your immunity a boost and aid digestion. Our ginger shots are crammed with fresh ginger root, turmeric root and a hint of honey. Not tried this fiery little fella before? Well now is the perfect time.. As we lead into spring we begrudgingly welcome the dreaded allergies that come with it. Ginger is considered a natural antihistamine, due to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Read more here. Zinc’s increasing popularity for helping battle seasonal difficulties is backed by scientific research - it indicates that zinc can play a role in supporting respiratory function, muscle comfort and sinus health. As always, frequent use of these ingredients will have the most consistent and notable results.

Top Bundle
B.fresh bundle of cold-pressed juices, smoothies & shots
It’s ….. Our Taster Pack - if you’ve not managed to try the full range yet, here’s your chance! We’ve put a selection of our cold-pressed juices, shots & smoothies together to give you the ultimate B.fresh trial & we’ve thrown in FREE delivery too! From Turmeric Super Shots to green juice, we’re sure you’ll love them as much as we do.

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