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We Grow It, We Pick It & We Press It.

B.fresh is the home of cold pressed juices, smoothies and shots. Formulated to help
you achieve your health and nutrition goals. 
With decades of experience in salad farming, the B.fresh team know a thing or two about growing the most delicious and nutritious greens – combining these with other amazing ingredients and creating delicious juice was just the next logical step! Right here on the farm is where we press and bottle all our juices – so trust us, we know where it’s come from. It’s 100% fresh cold pressed goodness.


Trusted By The Pros

Dave Edwards
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Shrewsbury Town FC

Finding B.fresh has been a revelation. It is important to me that I don’t compromise quality with the convenience but B.fresh ticks all boxes by growing the best fruits and vegetables on their own farm locally giving me the confidence that I am getting all my nutritious needs met.

Emma Kelly
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Birmingham City FC

I think B.fresh is a great company selling a vast range of colourful healthy juices which taste as good as they look! I’d definitely recommend these to my friends and family, they’re such a great way to get all the required vitamins in each day.

Josh Nathan
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GB Gymnast

I enjoy B.fresh products because they are incredibly fresh and filled with delicious flavours & ingredients. They really help with my training because it helps me to optimise my nutrition and lets me recover to make the most of each training session.

Jacob Hazell
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My favourite shot is the turmeric immunity, live the fact it’s got a load of Vit D3 in there, and such a handy little bottle to grab out the fridge and “shot down on a morning.” My favourite juice is the Berry Boss, so yummy. The juices taste great, but in an amazingly natural way, not in that “this probably isn’t good for you” way! You know how great they are for you from the taste. They aren’t massively high in cals, and they last, most juices only keep a couple a days! Shake a B Fresh up and you’re good to go!!

Jenna Farmer
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Author, A Balanced Belly

I felt really well when on the juices and they definitely gave me more energy. The turmeric immunity shot is great too – I loved the fact it has added vitamin D which is something those of us with gut issues can be low on. I was really impressed with the health benefits of the juices, the clear labeling and how they made me feel!

Matthew Jones
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Sports Performance Nutritionist

The B.fresh juices, smoothies and shots offer really practical, healthy additions to the players diets, providing essential carbohydrates to fuel and refuel following training and games, alongside vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to support general health and the immune system. The B.fresh turmeric shots have become an integral part of our post-match recovery interventions, supporting with the reduction of inflammation, soreness and muscle damage these shots are so practical and enjoyed by the players

Rachel Corsie
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Birmingham City FC

B.fresh juices are the perfect start to the day. I especially love both the Turmeric Energy and Turmeric Immunity shots as an added boost. A balanced and healthy diet is fundamental to my well-being and I love how perfect these products fit into my routine. Top two favourites right now are definitely Power Beets & Green Warrior.

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We’ve optimised our juicing process to ensure we’re retaining as much goodness as possible from the freshest ingredients. This means using produce from our farm where possible, cold pressing and high pressure processing every bottle.

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As a small business, sustainability is incredibly important to us and we believe we are taking the right steps to become as green as possible, such as using solar panels to power our factory & using recyclable materials! Find out more about what we are doing to become a sustainable business.

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We are proud partners of Sport in Mind, the UK’s leading mental health sports charity. They aim to encourage physical activity in order to promote mental wellbeing, improve physical health, combat social isolation and empower people to move their lives forward in a positive direction. B.fresh offer exclusive discounts to people who are raising money for Sport in Mind so get involved now!

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Want to get in touch or find out more about our delicious cold pressed products? Give us a call, we’re here to help with any questions you may have.

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