October Monthly Favourites

October has been a busy month for Team B.fresh...

With the colder weather on the way, it is more important than ever to do everything we can to support & boost our immune system naturally and over the last month or so, we have seen an influx of customers purchasing more of those immunity boosting products! Here are some of the best selling products from the last month...


Radiant is packed with Antioxidants and Vitamin C, it's perfect for promoting healthy digestion and skin health.

Turmeric Immunity

Our turmeric shots are packed with 49g of raw root turmeric making them the most powerful turmeric shots on the market. With added vitamin D3 for an immunity boost this is your perfect daily shot for anti-inflammatory health. These are available in single 70ml shots or 500ml multi-shot bottles.

Lean Greens

Lean Greens is the leanest greenest juice packed with 7 different types of plants and made with 91% green vegetables. It's great for blood, muscle, bone and nervous system health.

Ginger Plus

(Previously known as Ginger Fix). These Ginger Shots are packed with vitamin C to give your immunity a boost and aid digestion. Unlike other ginger shots which can be hard to drink, ours are packed with ginger but also contain honey to ensure it’s easy to drink.


Shine is summer in a bottle and packed with antioxidants and vitamin C. It's great for supporting your skin health and boosting your immunity.

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