Best Vitamins For Allergies

As we move away from the colder weather (hopefully) and darker nights, we welcome Spring, the season in which the natural world revives. Frustratingly for over 10 million in England alone, this means ‘allergies season’ has begun. That’s why we have assembled this immune-boosting bundle to prime your body with the nutrients you need to help keep those allergies at bay.


We haven’t just included our Turmeric Immunity Multi-Shot Bottle because it’s refreshingly tasty (although to be fair, it is a pretty good reason). We’re proud to say we have put a little more thought into it than that (ps ours are the strongest turmeric shot on the UK market). The active compound within turmeric, called curcumin has been used for many thousands of years in traditional Ayurvedic medicine and has a wide range of health benefits such as recovery after performance and aiding joint health. In relation to Spring though – Studies have shown curcumin to play a role in supporting respiratory and nasal health in those battling seasonal health issues while boosting the immune system at the same time. Curcumin has an anti-oxidant effect, Allergies in our body spark an inflammatory reaction. Curcumin helps in searching free radicals that relate to inflammation and therefore helps in reducing allergies. Click here to learn more.


Zinc is a mineral and essential micronutrient that offers a huge number of health benefits and functions throughout the body and is excellent at promoting immune system health. Zinc’s increasing popularity for helping battle seasonal difficulties is backed by scientific research – it indicates that zinc can play a role in supporting respiratory function, muscle comfort and sinus health. An analysis of 62 related studies from 2011 concluded that deficiencies in a large number of nutrients, but most of all zinc, were associated with an increased prevalence of asthma and allergies. Click here to read more. That’s why we have included our Ginger+ shot which contain 27mg of Zinc.

Vitamin C

We’ve included a range of our Vitamin C packed fresh juices and delicious gut health smoothies not only for the reasons in the short description I’ve just given but also because it's believed Vitamin C can help battle against, you guessed it – allergies. Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin, a potent source of antioxidants and plays a vital role in supporting the strength and function of the immune system. The immune benefits of vitamin C have been shown in studies to shorten the duration of seasonal health concerns as well as showing that vitamin C can boost respiratory function, sinus health and skin health. Click here to learn more.


Now we didn’t just throw in our Ginger+ shot to contribute to your zinc levels! Nope, ginger itself is also believed to have an effect on your dreaded seasonal allergies. Similar to turmeric, ginger is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. This is relevant considering most allergy symptoms come from inflammatory issues, like swelling and irritation in the nasal passages, eyes, and throat. Ginger can help reduce these symptoms naturally. Experts are exploring how the antioxidant compounds of ginger may be useful for combating seasonal allergies. In a 2016 study it showed that ginger suppressed the production of pro-inflammatory proteins in the blood of mice, which led to reduced allergy symptoms. It’s no wonder ginger is considered a natural anti-histamine.

Don't Suffer With Seasonal Allergies?

Well, lucky you. This bundle gives you the perfect opportunity to find your favourite with a wide range of our juices, smoothies & shots. Or are you in need of a health refresh? The juices in this bundle are loaded with vitamins, nutrients & antioxidants to help you press reset on your health routine. The super-smoothies loaded with pre and probiotics to aid gut health and the intake of the anti-inflammatory shots will help give your immune system a boost not just applicable when suffering from seasonal allergies.

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